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Well, the Aussie leg of our trip is going to be slightly longer than we originally planned!

Nick is currently applying for an Aussie residency visa, and they told us that he can’t be out of the country for any length of time while the visa is being processed… and it can take up to 6 months! So, we’ve decided to spend a bit more time travelling Oz first…

And so, we’ve now decided to sort ourselves out a campervan! We’ve looked at the options, and decided to buy an empty van and fit it out ourselves. Now, I am lucky to have a mechanical/engineering type Dad who can help us with planning and building the fit-out, so it will be a cool project we can work on as a family.

We are just doing the research at the moment – deciding which van to buy, and how much we’re willing to spend. We’re leaning towards a Long Wheel Base Ford Transit at the moment. They’re a little more expensive, but have a lot more room than smaller, less expensive vans. And when you’re considering something you may live in for 6 months or so, a little bit more space is always a good thing!

I’ll keep you all updated on our progress.

We’re both really keen to have the freedom and comfort that our own van would provide. The ability to get up in the morning and ask the question – “where do we want to go today?” Ahhhh…..


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