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The Move

Can I give you one piece of advice? Never try moving house over Christmas.

We are now somewhat settled in at Mum and Dad’s, but man, was it a hard slog!

Over one-and-a-half weeks we moved, drove, cleaned, organised, packed and sweated. Oh, a second piece of advice: never move during summer!

Our shipping container was delivered to the folk’s place, and we started filling it with trips in the van. First with non-essential furniture, like bookshelves and chest-of-drawers; then with boxes and slowly all of our worldly belongings. It’s almost full now, with some of the things we’re taking with us shoved in the front.

We are now living in one room in the shed. Sure, we’re sharing with spiders, but dad put a screen on the window, so at least we can keep the mozzies at bay! And we have a little bit of privacy and personal space.

We’re seeing it as a slow down-grading in our living space. From a three-bedroom house, garage and yard; to one big room; and soon a small campervan. It’ll be an exercise in simplifying our lives, that’s for sure!


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