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And so it begins…

So we finally begin!

Nick and I left mum and dad’s place last night and crashed at Doug and Kirsten’s place – got up nice and early to head off. It’s been a pretty uneventful day, apart from the following:

  • I have knitted 1/3 of my scarf. Considering we may reach Melbourne tomorrow, I really need to put more effort in here, people

  • We chanced upon the World’s Largest Virtual Solar System Drive…. as evidenced by the photos of Uranus below.

  • I almost died in an effort to retrieve my bag from under the bed while in a very contorted position. Yes, died of laughter, that is… claustrophobia, anyone?
  • We realised we lacked chocolate and snacks early on in the journey – not good
  • I discovered how FREAKING FAST my new wireless internet is… I’m never going back, I tell’s ye!

So, nothing much to report. Shall check in again when more excitement presents itself.

We are going through Parkes tomorrow, so I really want to see the observatory!


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