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Hello, Melbourne.

So, after Day 2 of our epic journey, we arrived in Melbourne safe and sound.

On the second day my fave spot was definitely the Parkes Observatory – I insisted we stop there for a look-see. For those of you who know your space history, and those who have seen the lovely Aussie film The Dish, you’ll know that Parkes was the radio telescope that relayed the majority of the 1969 moon landing to the world.

Also note the artfully placed traffic cone in the second photo.. what the?

In other news, I managed to finish my Melbourne scarf by about midday of day 2 – woot!

We have now put the van in to get rid of the %!@%^#$^ ASM system, and a new manual system installed – so that should be ready in a few days. I am off to the city tomorrow for an explore – yay!


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