What do you reckon??

Too ambitious for three months???
The first crazy stab in the dark at a European itinerary.


The Beginning

November 2009 – the start of it all!

The decision has been made – we are setting of on the adventure of our lives in 2010. At least 9 months of travelling, covering Australia, Europe and the UK.

Now the hard part begins. We have to clean out and pack up a house and garage (and garden!) full of stuff!!! I have moved so¬† many times over the last 10 years, that I have an accumulation of crap that I’ve never quite sorted out. The aim is to really sort through it all this time and be ruthless… I guess we’ll see how that goes ;P

We’ve decided on a basic itinerary. January – mid-March will be travelling through Australia, visiting friends and seeing places neither of us have been. This includes visiting Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth! We plan on doing a week’s road trip between both Brisbane and Sydney, and Melbourne and Adelaide (The Great Ocean Road!).

Mid-March to October-ish will be the European leg of our trip. That’s a bit hazy at the moment, though I do have so many places whizzing around in my mind that I want to visit!

I’ve got 12 days left of my job now, and my brain still hasn’t caught up to the fact that I’m not going to be working after that for a good long while. No doubt I’ll have an ‘a-ha’ moment soon though…

This is surely going to be one of the longest honeymoons in history!

– Jess